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2020 Highlights: Q3 & Q4

  • Following a remote Zoom mediation, numerous substantive remote Zoom court hearings, and numerous remote Zoom depositions, successfully obtained a settlement for no monetary contribution on behalf of former employees in trade secrets case.
  • Successfully represented insurance agency against claims of discrimination and wage and hour violations, including resolution following a remote Zoom mediation.
  • In defending a suit between an insurer and a private investigations firm, prevailed on an anti-SLAPP motion to strike and obtained a substantial award of attorneys’ fees and costs, resulting in a quick settlement of the action.
  • Advised numerous clients in employment matters arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, including the successful resolution of threatened claims.
  • Secured a judicially-enforced settlement and good faith determination regarding a suit alleging misappropriation of trade secrets for no monetary contribution.

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