Lillis Pitha LLP serves clients while keeping three core values in mind:


The sharp focus of the lawyers at Lillis Pitha LLP helps to solve problems efficiently. Having practiced with very large law firms for many years, our attorneys bring with them a desire to achieve the same top-quality results by focusing on our clients’ goals and not charging them to cover the enormous overhead costs of big-firm representation.


Our clients deserve our complete understanding of what they hope to achieve, our best efforts to achieve those goals, and efficient results. By listening to, understanding, and analyzing our clients’ goals from the outset, we help ensure that the strategies we develop always work to meet client expectations. We understand that our clients aren’t served by a one-size-fits-all approach.


Our lawyers are equally adept at resolving cases in the trial courts and in the courts of appeal. We try cases and argue appeals. Our experience is deep and broad. Whenever consistent with our clients’ goals, we use strategic motion practice or settlement processes in an attempt to avoid trial.