Business Litigation

Our business litigation practice focuses on disputes among the co-owners of businesses, the misappropriation of trade secrets, and traditional breach of contract and unfair competition claims. Our problem-solving approach and flexible fee arrangements in appropriate cases allow the merits of a case, rather than the costs of litigating it, drive important decisions.

Recent Cases

While our business litigation practice has a focus, we handle disputes in many different legal fields and industries.

  • During trial obtained significant settlement for our clients in fraudulent transfer of assets case.
  • Prevailed at trial proving the existence of an oral partnership to develop real estate opportunities and recovering seven-figures in damages.
  • Prevailed at trial proving a breach of fiduciary duty by the managing member of a limited liability company in a major real estate investment and recovering seven-figures in damages and attorneys’ fees.
  • Prevailed in multi-day binding arbitration in a dispute between the potential buyer and seller of a business, obtaining and recovering a substantial six-figure award of damages and prevailing-party attorneys’ fees for the potential buyer.
  • Prevailed in a week-long binding arbitration in a dispute among shareholders and obtained substantial six-figure award of damages and attorneys’ fees.
  • Prevailed in multi-day binding arbitration, obtaining a complete defense award in a case brought by one of the country’s largest banks against a nation-wide technology company and recovering six-figures in prevailing party attorneys’ fees.
  • Prevailed on several anti-SLAPP motions with substantial fee awards, some resulting in published decisions (Paulus v. Bob Lynch Ford, 139 Cal.App.4th 659 (2006)).
  • Obtained seven-figures in settlements in claims against a hedge fund and its founder.
  • Secured large settlement for co-founder of a creative firm in a dispute dealing with the redemption of the client’s shares in the firm.
  • Prevailed at several trials in disputes under commercial real estate leases.

The issues in many business litigation cases often overlap with the laws governing employment relationships, especially in disputes between founders and co-owners of a business. By focusing on both business and employment litigation, the lawyers at Lillis Pitha LLP bring an exceptional skill set to navigate through lawsuits that meet at that intersection.

Our Expertise

Business Litigation
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