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2020 Highlights: Q3 & Q4

Advised numerous clients regarding their rights and obligations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, layoffs, leaves of absence, and related reopening issues.

2020 Highlights: Q1 & Q2

Advised numerous clients regarding their rights and obligations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, layoffs, leaves of absence, and related reopening issues.

2019 Highlights: Q3 & Q4

Obtained favorable terms of settlement for construction firm in a class action alleging wage and hour and related violations of California employment law.

2019 Highlights: Q1 & Q2

Successfully defended multiple defendants in cases dealing with alleged non-compliance with the accessibility provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

2018 Highlights: Q3 & Q4

On behalf of a nation-wide staffing firm, the firm prevailed in a multi-day binding arbitration and obtained a complete defense victory for its client in a seven-figure breach of contract dispute. The firm recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in prevailing-party attorneys’ fees for its client.

2018 Highlights: Q1 & Q2

The firm represented the founder of a blockchain startup in litigation with a co-founder. The firm resolved many misclassification and wage cases before the California Labor Commissioner. The firm obtained the dismissal of a lawsuit dealing with the sale of a cabin and related property located in a National Forest.

2017 Highlights

The firm represented a defense contractor employee whose security clearance had been revoked at a hearing before the United States Department of Defense’s Office of Hearings and Appeals. The firm successfully moved to compel arbitration of Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) claims alleged by a former employee — the only trial court decision reaching that result of which the firm is aware.

2016 Highlights: Q3 & Q4

The firm represented a local fashion company in a dispute with a former sales executive who misappropriated confidential information. On behalf of a national staffing company, the firm defeated multiple motions by one of the nation’s largest banks for temporary restraining orders and a preliminary injunction, by persuading the Court that the bank did not have a reasonable probability of prevailing on its claims for breach of contract and conversion.

2016 Highlights: Q1 & Q2

The firm aggressively defended a placement agency against allegations of race and gender harassment in a case filed in Los Angeles, and through those efforts resolved the case for a nominal nuisance settlement. On behalf of a Silicon Valley financial services company, the firm sued the client’s former key employee for breach of his duty of loyalty, obtained a temporary restraining order prohibiting him from stealing the client’s customers or using its confidential information to compete against the client, and then, after discovery, secured a similar preliminary injunction against the former employee.

2015 Highlights: Q3 & Q4

The San Mateo County Superior Court has issued very favorable decisions in the two breach of fiduciary duty cases the firm took to trial. The Court found in favor of the firm’s clients in each case, ruled that the defendants had breached their fiduciary duties (one under Delaware law, the other under California partnership law), awarded seven figures in total damages, and set one case for a punitive damages phase of trial, and the other for post-trial briefing on the recovery of attorneys’ fees.